The folk group in Gütersloh was foundet in 1975 and was originally a childre's group which belonged to the German Youth Organisation in Europe. In the course of time a well-known folk music and folk dance group emerged. Nowadays about 25 active dancers and musicans between the ages of 5 and 65 have a lot of fun dancing and making music together. German folk dances, as well as a large number of international folk dances, have become part of a varied repertoire.

The members of the group wear many different national costumes which provide a colourful picture when dancing and making music. These costumes are predominantly made in goup workshops and show the differences in German culture. As well as the local East Westfalian costumes there are others from the Bohemian Forest, the island of Rügen, Prussia, Upper and Lower Silesia, Moravia and Transylvania. The Gütersloh folk group is well-known outside of Germany. The aim of the group is to cultivate understanding between peoples and so help to preserve peace in Europe and in the world. The group has already made exchange visits with other groups in Belgium, England, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Slovakian Republic and Hungary. Through international meetings in Germany and abroad important contacts have been made, some of which have developed into lasting friendships.